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  • Full Day On-Site Training


    The Nation’s Report Card has just been released, and, once more, the reading comprehension scores of more than 178,000 fourth-graders and 160,000 eighth-graders who participated in the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) remain terribly flat. This is especially true for chronically failing subgroups: at-risk, minority, English Language Learners and students with disabilities.

    Fortunately, there is help.

    No one knows non-readers like Dr. Joe Lockavitch , author of The Failure Free Reading Methodology: New Hope for Non-Readers and his staff of on-site trainers. For the past 30 years, Dr. Lockavitch has trained tens of thousands of teachers, parents and administrators across the nation on how to reach the unique needs of non-readers regardless of age or classification.
    Dr. Joseph F. Lockavitch is the author and developer of: The Failure Free Reading Program, Don’t Close the Book on Your Not-Yet Readers, Verbal Master-An AcceleratedVocabulary Program, TheTest of Lateral Awareness and Directionality and dozens of published articles. His research can be found in the Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities,the Journal of Learning Disabilities , Special Services in the Schools and The Journal of At-Risk Issues and The Florida Reading Quarterly to name just a few.

    Dr. Lockavitch developed a highly-structured teaching method designed to explicitly teach the 2,605 highest frequency core Academic vocabulary words in the most meaningful context. He developed his program for the students that couldn’t be reached with traditional reading approaches. He called the program Failure Free Reading because it literally created a “failure free reading environment” for students who had previously failed all other approaches. Dr. Lockavitch’s programs have clocked well over 2,000,000 hours of instruction with thousands of America’s lowest literacy students across the nation.

    The success student are achieving with his program is incredible. Students who could not read the word “cat” were reading complete passages about 'felines' with complete fluency and comprehension.


    Up to 7 hours of live on-site training with a certified FFR Trainer. 

    Onsite Trainings are scheduled in advance and based upon FFR Trainer availability. 

    Some travel restrictions apply.

    Please call 1-800-542-2170 for specific details.

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  • Half Day Online Webinar


    Up to 2.5 hours of live online webinar training with a certified FFR Trainer.

    This webinar will give practioneers an intensive online training on how to use the Failure Free Reading materials and intervention with complete fidelity.

    Please call 1 -800-542-2170 for specifics.






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