One Online Student Software License For Up To 12 Months - Includes All Levels of Failure Free Reading (Bulk Rate For Many Students & Months Available To Everyone -- No Matter How Large Or Small The Classroom)

                              One Online Student Software License For Up To 12 Months - Includes All Levels of Failure Free Reading (Bulk Rate For Many Students & Months Available To Everyone -- No Matter How Large Or Small The Classroom)
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Product Information



Preview: Sample Pre-Teaching Video from the Life Skills Section of the Failure Free Reading Online Software


“Failure Free Reading is an effective reading intervention for our students who have been resistant to phonics-based reading instruction.  Within the first week of implementation, the students participating were excited they could read a story.  ...  It is evident that participating in the Failure Free reading group has become a highlight of their day.  We are so thrilled to have the Failure Free Reading intervention ...” Catherine W., Reading Resource Teacher

A personal 'state of the art' reading comprehension clinic at your fingertips!


This is the most intensive, fastest-acting online reading comprehension intervention available. Backed by over thirty years of on-going research and published in nine national and international peer-reviewed reading research journals. This is the 'meat and potatoes' brain-based software package specifically designed to 'fast-track' the reading comprehension, expressive fluency, vocabulary, spelling, written composition and confidence of your chronically failing readers.

The online software, abundant downable PDFs and the abundant reporting features, turns your class into a complete 'state of the art' reading clinic.

This license gives you immediate access to ALL LEVELS of Failure Free Reading’s Diagnostic/ Prescriptive/ Instructional Online Solutions, including: Joseph's Readers Elementary Online Software, Verbal Master Middle and High School Online Software, and Life Skills - A School to Work Transition Online Software Intervention for Special Needs High School Students with IQs as low as 35. Perfect for RTI Tier III.

Suitable for Grades 1 to adult.

Perfect for: at-risk, minority, English Language Learners, Deaf, Specific Learning Disabilities, RTI Tier II and Tier III, ID, BEH, TBI and students with Autism.

Oral and visual online directions come in English, Spanish and ASL video clips.

This is the program you must have when all other interventions have failed to produce the growth in comprehension and expressive fluency you desperately seek.

Even better, this software comes complete with a very easy to use 'quick start guide' and access to online training videos and resources.

“The students currently enrolled in the Failure Free Reading intervention have shown amazing gains.  All students have increased their reading level, some as much a three to four grade levels as measured by the FFR assessments.  In addition, the students’ attitudes toward reading have improved dramatically as well.  Students who first thought of themselves as non-readers, are now more confident in their abilities and view themselves as successful readers.  The program has been a hit!” Tim M., Principal

The  Online Software Includes:

3500 Total Reinforcement Activities

over 40 Integrated Software Applications

100s of Hours of Instruction

Over 500 Individual Online Lessons

27 Stories of Increasing Lexile Complexity

Over 100 Downloadable PDFs for a completely 100% coordinated multi-sensory curriculum

Hundreds of color graphics

Thousands of sound resources in English and Spanish for directions and definitions

Abundant Student Data Management Programs by student, classroom, school or district

Daily Graphic Growth Report

Complete Online Diagnositic Prescriptive Assessment

Everything you need to change the reading ability and confidence of a chronicaly struggling student in a very, very easy to use format.

Start almost immediately thanks to our quick start guide and instructional videos.

“In the eight years that I have been a teaching assistant I have seen the greatest student progress with Failure Free Reading.  I would highly recommend this program for any child that is struggling with reading and has little self-confidence.  All of my students loved to work on Failure Free.  If I had allowed them, they would have done only Failure Free all day!” Lois R., Teaching Assistant

[ What You Get! ]

12 month Online License: Includes access to Online Diagnostic Prescriptive, access to all levels and lessons in the methodology, online testing, instructional recorded training videos, online reporting, the Electronic Library of pdf files for all our print materials, all technical support, data archiving/hosting and access to the Reading Attitude Survey for up to 12 months.

Each license you purchase is transferable, but it can only serve one student at a time.

The Failure Free Reading Levels (INCLUDED):

Joseph's Readers:

  • Red Level - Grades K-1
  • Green Level  - Grades 1.5-2
  • Orange Level  - Grades 2-3
  • Teal Level  - Grades 4-5

Verbal Master:

  • Verbal Master I - Grades 6-7
  • Verbal Master II - Grades 8-9
  • Verbal Master III - Grades 10-11
  • Verbal Master IV - Grade 12+

Life Skills (Additional Stories):

  • Blue Level - Independent Living - designed for students with a 0.0 to 1st grade reading ability
  • Purple Level - Driver's License - designed for students with a 2.0 to 3rd grade reading ability
  • Maroon Level - Drug Prevention - designed for students with a 3.0 to 4th grade reading ability
  • Yellow Level - Employment - designed for students with a 4th grade and higher reading ability

Each Level is designed to:

  • significantly enhance the reading mastery of critical academic vocabulary, expressive fluency, comprehension and self-confidence for a student or students of your choice
  • teaches mastery of the most frequently used grade level nouns, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives most generic to stories found in school and library texts written at all grade levels (K-12) over 4000 of the most frequently used words found in print material in the most meaningful and predictable context
  • provides hundreds and hundreds of hours of online instruction with easy to follow scripted oral directions – available in English, Spanish and/or ASL (Sign Language.)

The Failure Free Reading Online Program helps a Teacher by providing:

  • access to our really easy to use 'quick start' guide and abundant pre-recorded “how-to” training videos and informative implementation handouts/checklists.
  • live technical and methodology support via toll free phone or email
    • 1-888-233-READ or
  • access to downloadable PDFs:
    • Scripted Teacher/Parent Manuals for Instruction
    • Independent Activities (pencil & paper printable activities)
    • Flash Cards
    • Illustrated Readers (story books)
    • Instructional Readers
    • Criterion Reference Tests
    • Parent Communication Packs
  • Abundant and infinitely scalable online reporting features, including:
    • Time on Task
    • Student Progress
    • Student/Class/School/District Summary Reports
    • Reading Ability Growth
    • Reading Attitude (self confidence)


Product Code OLS-1
Manufacturer Failure Free Reading
Condition New


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