Joseph's Readers Teacher Pack - Print Only

                      Joseph's Readers Teacher Pack - Print Only
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Product Information

Elementary Teacher Print Pack - Nonconsumable Print Includes: 1 Teacher Manual for each of the Four Red, Green, Orange and Teal Levels, 2 Instructional Readers per Level, 1 Parent Communication Pack, 1 Criterion Reference Blackline Master Measuring Pre/Post Test Growth in: Word Recognition, Oral Fluency and Silent Reading Comprehension for each of the 27 Instructional Stories, 1 Student Workbook per Level, and 1 illustrated copy of each of the 27 instructional stories)  Serves Reading Levels of 0.0 through 5th Grades Perfect for: Overage nonreaders, At-risk, Minority, English Language Learners and Special Education including: Deaf/HHI, SLD, ID, BEH and students with Autism.

Elementary Print Solution (also known as Joseph's Readers) serves 0.0-5th grade reading levels.

Multi-sensory, non-phonic language development, expressive fluency and reading comprehension program for non-readers!

[ What You Get! ]

Failure Free Reading’s original research-based, non-phonic, connected text program explicitly teaches word recognition, comprehension and expressive fluency in the context of age-appropriate stories controlled for repetition, syntax and semantics. Following placement using a software-based Diagnostic/Prescriptive assessment, small group, pullout or individual instruction follows a consistent 3 Step Methodology designed to build confidence, independence, and maximize time on task!

  • For Students reading at levels of 0.0 Grade – 5th Grade
  • The Elementary Solution Teaches: 2,605 Unique Academic English Words in Grades 1-5
  • 5,304 English Sentences
  • 6,000 Academic English Practice Activities
  • Mastery of these 2,000+ unique academic English words will allow students to read 90% of the words seen in grades 1-9!

Elementary Solution is designed to:

  • significantly enhance vocabulary, expressive fluency, comprehension and self-confidence for the student
  • teach mastery of critical Elementary grade academic English words
  • teach complex text

When finished, your student/child will have completed

  • 27 Units of Instruction

Elementary Teacher Pack helps the Teacher/Parent by providing non-consumable print materials and blackline masters that allow you to use the program year after year.

  •  Copies of the Elementary Library, includes:
    • Scripted Teacher/Parent Manuals for Instruction
    • Independent Activities (pencil & paper printable activities)
    • Flash Cards
    • Complex Text Stories
    • Criterion Reference Tests
    • Parent Communication Packs
    • Writing Composition Activities
Product Code TP-404
Manufacturer Failure Free Reading
Condition New
Weight 40.000Lb


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