Elementary Print and Online Software for a Classroom

                      Elementary Print and Online Software for a Classroom
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Our Best Reading Comprehension Combo!

"Failure Free has been a wonderful program for our students at West Lowndes Elementary. We have seen tremendous improvement and growth. Most of our students have increased one to two grade levels. Our students have become more excited about reading. Failure Free has truly made a difference." Katetria Harris, Read 180 Teacher. Columbus, MS

Includes: A Complete Print Teacher Pack and Ten - 12 month Online Seat Licenses

Finally, you can turn your classroom into a 'state of the art' reading comprehension clinic. Teaches the first four Failure Free Reading color levels (Red, Green, Orange and Teal.)  Red, Green, Orange and Teal Levels serves reading levels of 0.0 through 5th Grade.

Print materials included: One - Teacher Pack with four levels (Red, Green, Orange and Teal,) 1 Teacher Manual for each color level, 2 Instructional Readers per color level, 1 Parent Communication Pack per color level, 1 Criterion Reference Test per color level, 1 Student Workbook per color level, and 1 copy of each of the 27 stories. Red, Green, Orange and Teal Levels serves reading levels of 0.0 through 5th Grade.

Online Software materials included: Ten - 12 month Online Student Licenses: Includes access to the student Online Diagnostic Prescriptive, access to all levels and lessons in the methodology, online testing, instructional recorded training videos, online reporting, the FFR Electronic Library of pdf files for all our print materials, all technical support, data archiving/hosting and access to the FFR Reading Attitude Survey.  Licenses are transferrable by inactivating old students and activating new students.   Unit Price is typically $150 per Online Student Seat License, but this is a special time-sensitive package from FFR!

The Elementary Print and Online Software Classroom Special Package solution serves chronically struggling students reading at 0.0-5th grade reading levels. A multi-sensory language development for your non-readers!

"I was flabbergasted at how well it worked. Two of my 5th graders had not progressed much in five years of school. In one year they moved from DRA 4 to DRA 18, and Guided Reading Level D to K." Tania Fey, Behavior/Resource Teacher, Morningside Elementary, Comal ISD Texas

Failure Free Reading’s original research-based core program explicitly teaches your chronically struggling students using the most meaningful text. Designed to immediately impact: word recognition, comprehension, expressive fluency in the context of age-appropriate predictable stories that control for: repetition, syntax and semantics. Following placement using a software-based Diagnostic/Prescriptive assessment, small group, pullout or individual instruction follows a consistent 3 Step Methodology designed to build confidence, independence, and maximize time on task!

  • For students chronically struggling students reading as low as 0.0
  • Failure Free Reading’s Solution Teaches: 2,605 Unique Academic English Words in Grades 1-5
  • 5,304 English Sentences
  • 6,000 Academic English Practice Activities
  • Mastery of these 2,000+ unique academic English words will allow your students to read 90% of the words seen in grades 1-9!

The Elementary Print and Online Software Classroom Special Package is designed to:

  • significantly enhance vocabulary, expressive fluency, comprehension and self-confidence for your students with chronic reading difficulties.
  • teach mastery of the critical academic English words essential for reading success.
  • teach complex text to struggling students

"I see progress in the students’ ability to read more fluently and to utilize contextual guessing as a reading strategy. This has really made a difference in the lives of my students." Special education teacher, Anne Arundel County MD

When finished, your student/child will have completed

  • 27 Units of Instruction
  • Mastered 27 Stories of increasing lexile complexity
  • 3500 Total Reinforcement Activities

  • 100s of Hours of Instruction

  • Over 500 Individual Online Lessons

  • Student Data Management Programs measure growth by: student, classroom, school or district

    Daily Graphic Growth Report

    Complete Online Diagnositic Prescriptive Assessment

    Everything you need to change the reading ability and confidence of a chronicaly struggling student in a very, very easy to use format.

    Start almost immediately thanks to our quick start guide and instructional videos.


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