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FFR's Life Skills Solution (Career Transition Program for Special Needs High School Students)

Life Skills Solution

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Life Skills is a special edition of Failure Free Reading that teaches cognitively challenged secondary-adult students to read age & developmentally appropriate content. Perfect for self-contained, resource or community-based instruction classes. Life Skills can be used with the basic English or social skills curriculum.

Failure Free Reading Printed Materials

Based on the notion that all reading programs work but not for all students, Failure Free Reading’s non-phonic first reading intervention is the front-end for your lowest literacy special education and beginning English Language Learners students who are not reading well enough to benefit from more advanced leveled literacy interventions.

Failure Free Reading Print is a nationally recognized, non-consumable reading intervention specifically designed for students who need a non-phonic first alternative or for your over-aged students who have mastered basic phonics and decoding skills but still lack solid comprehension and expressive fluency.

Failure Free Reading Print focuses on the research-based best practices designed to significantly produce critical growth in comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, writing, and independent reading instruction. Easy to use and highly redundant Failure Free Reading Print gives chronically struggling students the opportunity to master critical academic words essential to future reading success within the simplest and most comprehensible connected text. Failure Free Reading is the first intervention to specifically control for the eight content roadblocks preventing chronically struggling readers to read for meaning.

Life Skills is for students/children/adolescents/adults reading with a 0.0-5th grade reading level and IQs as low as 35. Life Skills is suitable for: Ages 12-Adults: early reading, beginning English Language Learners, at-risk, and special education populations: autism, learning disabilities, intellectually disabled, deaf/HH and dyslexics.

Life Skills teaches mastery of the critical vocabulary essential for reading success such as: the most common words and critical life skill vocabulary centering on four themes: getting an apartment, getting a driver’s license, getting the facts on drugs and getting a job.

Life Skills is designed to give students with reading abilities as low as 0.0 and cognitive IQs of 35 and higher the chance to read with fluency and comprehension from age appropriate theme and appearance. 

Life Skills is designed to:

  • significantly enhance vocabulary, expressive fluency, comprehension and self confidence for the student
  • teach mastery of critical 3rd grade academic English words
  • teach complex text
  • provide hours and hours of self-paced online instruction

When finished, your student/child will have completed

  • 36 Units of Instruction
  • hundreds of computer reinforcement activities,
  • different interrelated software applications per lesson, designed to teach word, sentence, paragraph mastery, as well as spelling.

Life Skills helps the Teacher/Parent by providing:

  • access to abundant pre-recorded “how-to” training videos and informative implementation handouts/checklists.
  • live technical and methodology support via toll free phone or email
    • 1-888-233-READ or
  • access to the Life Skills Electronic Library (and included in the Teacher Pack), which includes:
    • Scripted Teacher/Parent Manuals for Instruction
    • Independent Activities (pencil & paper printable activities)
    • Flash Cards
    • Complex Text Stories
    • Criterion Reference Tests
    • Parent Communication Packs
    • Writing Composition Activities
  • Abundant infinitely scalable online reporting features, including:
    • Time on Task
    • Student Progress
    • Student/Class/School/District Summary Reports
    • Reading Ability Growth
    • Reading Attitude (self confidence)


The only complete like skills curriculum that teaches begining reading!

  • Scaffold learning in ways that would be impractical to provide otherwise.
  • Scripted lessons & software eliminate extra prep time

Now, even your hardest-to-reach learners, those reading, as low as 0.0, can develop effective communication skills, work habits, job interview skills, and self-confidence - all while learning to read!

Every student is making progress and it is so engaging that I have a hard time getting them off the program. It is age appropriate, and it is showing improvement in the reading and writing ability of all the students.
— Carmeline Gross, Reading/English 9-12 Speech Language Pathologist

Life Skills (Additional Stories):

  • Blue Level - Independent Living ( View this level ) - Matches: Joseph's Readers Red Level
  • Purple Level - Driver's License ( View this level ) - Matches: Joseph's Readers Green Level
  • Maroon Level - Drug Prevention ( View this level ) - Matches: Joseph's Readers Orange Level
  • Yellow Level - Employment ( View this level ) - Matches: Joseph's Readers Teal Level

FFR's Life Skills Solution includes


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